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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Semi Crazy Ways to Save Money

I wanted to create an interesting list of ways you can save money that are a little less practical than some of the other things I have posted. I'm affectionately calling these my "Crazy" ways to save money. So here it goes...

1) Go #2 at work if possible.  This is sure to save you money on toilet paper and water/sewage usage. In addition, you will have to clean your bathroom less and use fewer aerosols or odor maskers when you are finished.

2) Extreme Home Temps. In the Summer set your A/C between 80-85 (or higher) and run multiple fans. Fans take a lot less energy than an A/C unit. For the Winter months use a programable thermostat to keep you house between 60 and 62 in the waking hours (we wear slippers, sweat pants and sweat shirts around the house) and down to 52 to 55 during the sleeping hours (you'd be surprised how well you can sleep in the cold). You'll want to set it to start warming up so it is not crazy cold when you awake in the morning.

3) Take Condiments and Disposable Utensils When You Can and Wash Them. Another crazy thing we do is grab extra condiments and disposable utensils when we can. The condiments are great for when you are traveling at a later date or want individual servings. The utensils are great to take to work with you for your lunch but make sure to keep them and wash them for additional uses. The best part is that you don't pay for any of it!

4) Wear Pants for Multiple Days. This may be TMI for those that know me, but I wear the same pair of pants multiple times before washing. I feel as though pants don't get all that dirty with one day of wearing. What I generally do is rotate a few pairs of dress pants and a couple of pairs of jeans for a couple of weeks and then wash them all together with other clothes. Not only do I not need as many pairs of pants, but I do significantly less laundry than if I wore a different pair every day. (This works with towels as well). It is practical to have a drawer or part of the closet where you put the things that you have already worn so you can keep them separate.

5) Time Your Showers So You Don't Waste Water. We found out that we can take really fast and adequate showers when camping in Acadia National Forest when you had to pay for showers and they were timed (I think it was one minute). So it is reasonable to think that you can take a 3 minute shower if you are conscious of your time. Get a time app that is free for your smartphone such as this one: (I use this one with my Android phone). This will drastically cut down on your water bill in a family home. You can also add a energy efficient shower head such as this: It may not look beautiful but it will save you money.

6) Alter Some Driving Habits. If you are like me you like to go fast and not waste time. However, you will get the best mileage out of your car by going between 60 and 65 on the expressway. I personally look at opportunity cost with saving time and money to decide how fast I'm going to go. Another fun game to try while driving that will save on gas is to try to keep your RPMs under 2,000 when accelerating and trying to coast to stops when coming to stop lights and stop signs.

7) Use Reusable Wipes Instead of Toilet Paper. Now this one seems to be a better money saver for the ladies. I do not recommend doing this with poo (there's been a lot of bathroom talk on this post :p ). You can either purchase reusable wipes that are used when children use reusable diapers or make your own with a sewing machine and spare or clearance fabric. These will get washed with the laundry and reused. Another similar way to save would be by using a handkerchief instead of facial tissue as well.

8) Only Fill Light Fixtures Half Full with Lights. In our bathrooms we have these light bars above the mirrors. We only put half of the lights in place and there is more than enough light still. It doesn't even look all that bad!

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